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Online Etiquette
by Admin User - Wednesday, 21 October 2020, 12:28 PM

Taking an Online Course...

How to get the most out of the Online Segment of this Course...

1. Read The Syllabus

Take time to read the syllabus carefully and refer to the syllabus throughout the cycle for important dates and information. You will need to submit your homework assignments online, and your course webpage will allow you to do that as well as allow you access to the syllabus and additional learning resources. Be sure to make yourself familiar with all the course webpage has to offer.

2. Read And Use The Course Discussion Forums

Use the course webpage to contact your instructor with questions that you may have about how the online segment of your course works. 

3. Expectations and Online Conduct

Quite simply, do not plagiarize homework submissions. Plagiarism and other forms of academic misconduct will be dealt with the under the strictest terms of IBEW-NECA Technical Institute policy; this also applies to your online submissions in discussion forums. As a general rule, you should not write anything in online submissions that you wouldn't say to a person in a face to face situation in a classroom environment; no name calling, profanity or derogatory comments are allowed. Finally, in your submissions, make an effort to use proper punctuation. In particular, do not post your submissions in lower caps. Your homework assignments are course contributions, not text messages.

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